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School Safety & Health

We need to provide a safe and productive environment for students and faculty. I will work with local law enforcement and district personnel to increase security and safety protocols. I will work to make sure policies such as the Cyberbullying Policy and Vaping Regulation are enforced. I will work to make sure Student Mental Health resources are made more available. 


Assessment & Accountability

PISD should be fostering excellence in our students to reach their full potential. I will advocate against the single rating and emphasis of a state-mandated test for students. I will advocate for a broader accountability system for our school district. 


Special Education Support & Online Learning

We need to make sure that we maintain the high standard of education in PISD, and that all teachers and students have the resources they need.  My two main priorities will be to provide effective learning for our most vulnerable students who need accommodations and to allow schools greater flexibility in designing online learning options for our students. 

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